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"CAC Global Summit 2020: Together We Stand"

Greetings from Seoul. I am Park Wonsoon, Mayor of Seoul.

I would like to extend my sincere welcome to everyone paying a visit to this official website of CAC Global Summit 2020.

We all are well aware that the entire world is severely affected by COVID-19. Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea is no exception. Seoul was forced to cope with the rapidly-spreading pandemic since January, and we have been devoting all our strength to overcome the adversity, and our sweats continue every single minute.

In the critical moments like this, global solidarity and cooperation are crucial more than ever. Therefore, the City of Seoul will host the "CAC (City Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020: Together We Stand" from June 1 to June 5. The summit is designed to invite experts from around the world to share their experiences in COVID-19 and discuss future responsive measures online, instead of physical offline gathering. All programs of the Summit will be available via online channels, including Youtube, to facilitate accessibility and view for all people around the globe.

This upcoming Summit will consist of the World Cities Summit Mayors Forum, discussions of world-renowned scholars forecasting the post-COVID19 era and in-depth presentations and debates led by field experts from heterogeneous realms of the society affected by the current infectious disease, as well as education, environment and sports. In this era of pandemic, this Summit will serve as a solid stepping stone for global networks that are focused on not only sharing wisdoms from various scopes and domains but also responding to the future infectious diseases.

Many specialists predict the second proliferation of COVID-19 in the coming seasons of autumn and winter. However, I am convinced that we will be able to combat against it if we all are united. Through the "CAC (City Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020: Together We Stand," I sincerely hope that the whole world can find effective countermeasures against the emerging infectious disease in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era and defeat COVID-19 with our globally gathered strength. I would like to invite everyone to this online Summit. I hope you can join us in this mission of overcoming crisis in union, taking a small yet active step, beyond the boundary of country, race and region.

Thank you very much.

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